The word verse comes from a root meaning turn or bend.

Verse Legal was founded to support organizations and individuals navigating change in the workplace, offering workplace culture assessments, investigations, trainings, workshops, executive and performance coaching, consulting, and counseling.

Law firm update

In 2024, Verse founder Bonnie Levine affiliated her law practice with gunnercooke US llp, where she continues to advocate for Verse's philosophy: laws may differ by geography, but humanity and core values transcend these distinctions.

Verse navigates complex multijurisdictional issues to harmonize global employment compliance efficiently, managing risk consistent with operational goals and organizational values.

Verse facilitates flexible, technology-enabled solutions that adapt to an evolving world and a workplace beyond borders.

Verse helps organizations achieve authentic, sustainable, empowered diversity through listening and amplifying diverse voices throughout the employment life cycle, from recruitment onward.

Contact Bonnie Levine at gunnercooke ( to learn more about services for individuals and organizations navigating workplace change, including workplace counseling, investigations, executive coaching, workshops, trainings, and dispute resolution.