Legal support for equitable workplace change

Verse Legal founder Bonnie Levine joins gunnercooke llp as a Partner in the Employment, Pensions, and Immigration Group.

Firm Update

Laws may differ by geography, but humanity and core values transcend these distinctions.

Verse Legal is no longer operating as an independent law firm following Bonnie Levine's affiliation with gunnercooke, an international firm that embraces Verse's interdisciplinary, global approach to workplace compliance.

Verse's website will remain live throughout the transition, and as applicable going forward as a resource on DEI-related compliance.

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Align compliance with global organizational values.

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Reduce errors related to bias and noise in institutional decision processes.

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Cultivate employee trust and respect no matter where or how work happens.

The word verse comes from a root meaning turn or bend.

Incorporating research from behavioral science and related disciplines, Bonnie Levine founded Verse Legal in 2021 to assist organizations and individuals navigating change in the workplace, offering workplace culture assessments, investigations, trainings, workshops, executive and performance coaching, consulting, and counseling. In 2024, the practice moved to gunnercooke, a global law firm with a complementary philosophy to legal and professional services. Potential clients please contact Bonnie at