A path to compliance that helps advance workplace equity and constructive organizational change.

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Workplace Advice

Bonnie Levine, now a partner at gunnercooke, offers legal advisory services for employers of all sizes and industries, as well as for professionals and workers, with a view toward equitable workplace change and collaborative leadership. Her practice specializes in complex multicountry and cross-border workforce solutions for global organizations. Recognizing that workplace issues can arise when organizations grow quickly or integrate through transactions, she also seeks to make quality legal guidance accessible to startups, smaller businesses, and non-profit organizations.

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Workplace Investigations

Approach workplace investigations from a proactive, holistic angle, mindful of the well-being of all participants, invisible double standards that may manifest at an unconscious or systemic level, as well as organizational culture at large. Bonnie Levine is an Association of Workplace Investigators certificate holder trained in rapport-centered and trauma-informed investigation techniques.

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Versed Learning

Applying context from recent legal developments and behavioral science research, organizations and leaders will develop and implement concrete strategies for improved team communication and performance management. Bonnie Levine  offers individualized intensive one-on-one trainings to address specific concerns, workforce-wide employee and manager learning sessions that satisfy compliance requirements, and executive coaching for one or more leaders in an organization, including through the tested stakeholder-centered coaching method (in which Bonnie Levine is certified).

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Employment Transitions

Choosing a new job or leaving an old one can be complicated and stressful for individuals at any stage of their career. Verse Legal provides expert review of severance agreements, compensation agreements, noncompete agreements, and employment agreements, along with legal advice to help you confidently navigate the beginning or end of an employment relationship. Whether you have just experienced a layoff, have a new job offer on the table, or are negotiating compensation and terms of your employment, book a time today to get legal counsel on your next steps.


Employment Disputes

An adversarial approach to the employer-employee relationship is often counterproductive; when disputes arise, it is often best to look to resolution. Bonnie Levine is licensed to practice law in state and federal court in Georgia and New York, and has experience handling disputes involving a wide range of issues including discrimination, harassment, unpaid wages, and breach of contract.